“As an Osteopath I use my body daily for work, and alongside training at the gym and with long distance cycling put my muscles and body under a lot of strain. I find it difficult to find a therapist who is able to not only work with me to help address any physical complaints but is skilled and highly competent. I can high recommend Pedro as being a very thorough and skilled sports masseur, who is also really enthusiastic about his work and generally a great guy!”

Matthew Wood
Osteopath at Evolution Osteopathy London

“Pedro Olabarri has been treating me regularly for chronic muscular stress and tension, which is largely work related, but which has also been adversely affected by other factors. He has taken the time to understand both the symptoms and the causes with care and sensitivity, and to locate key ‘trouble spots’ for deep tissue work, while remaining very conscious of the appropriate levels of pressure and working with a holistic overview. It’s a process that takes time and patience, but which is having very effective results, and which has been an integral and supportive part of a wider healing process. I not only have less tension and discomfort, but also more energy, while I am also more conscious of general posture, etc . For Pedro the therapeutic journey is a vocation which he approaches with great dedication.”

Owner and Managing Director of a PR Company London

“When I was having trouble exercising without pain I searched for a high quality yet affordable massage therapist who could pinpoint the problematic areas and communicate the issues to me clearly. I was looking for someone who was understanding but very professional so that no time was wasted. Pedro is the best therapist that I have ever come across and I have been training around and working with some of the top fitness professionals in the city. Within a month, my injuries have improved and it has been possible for me to be the best personal trainer I can be. I am and will continue to have weekly appointments with him for as long as is necessary.”

Samson Hodin
Personal Trainer at samsonpersonaltraining.com London

“Pedro is both extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology and dedicated to finding the best way to solve whatever issues you are having. I have been impressed with his ability to – in one appointment – relieve the pain and tension I had in my shoulders following an intense session of kickboxing, without overdoing it as I have often experience with other sports massages. I would highly recommend him.”

Chloé Barget
Headhunter London

“I recently had a massage with Pedro, I’ve suffered chronic back pain following an injury a while ago and I really liked Pedro’s approach. He’s very knowledgeable and it feels very reassuring to know that your therapist knows what they’re doing especially after suffering from injuries! Pedro was very thorough, giving me useful advices and tips as well as releasing deeply the discomfort. I would recommend Pedro heartidly for anyone suffering injuries, but also if you’re tense or suffer from stress, as his massages are very relaxing.”

Peggy Guglielmino
Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing & Life Coaching at Highgate Holistic Clinic

“Pedro first treated me when I was competing in a Crossfit competition in July 2014. After hours of intense exercise, the treatment I received from Pedro was just what I needed. The next day I was worried that I would feel extremely sore and tired, especially in my lower back, but luckily I woke up virtually pain free, largely thanks to the massage and therapy I received from Pedro.
Since then, I have seen Pedro on multiple occasions and he is always very careful to listen to my specific training issues and has often followed up sessions by giving me specific feedback and advice to help prevent further pain from occurring in the future. I really appreciate the effort and passion that he puts into his work and I feel that he goes above and beyond what is required of him to help me.
While friendly and easy going, Pedro takes his work very seriously and is highly professional at all times. I would recommend Pedro without hesitation.”

Marcel Wallace
Level 1 Crossfit Trainer London

Pedro Olabarri